Sunday, December 20, 2015

Apply a List of Functions to a Corresponding List of Arguments

Here are two ways to apply a List of functions to a List of arguments. The first method, from Maeder, uses Inner. Note the use of a purely symbolic example to reveal what Inner is doing.



In #1@# &, Slot1 (#1 or abbreviated #) pulls an argument from the first List, which are the functions, and Slot2 (#2 where you do need the "2") pulls an argument from the second List, which are the arguments.

If you wanted to apply a second function, g, to the results rather than just listing them, Inner provides for that:



The second method, from my Mathematica teacher Harry Calkins, uses MapThread, which requires wrapping the function List and the argument List together in a List:


(functions={3 #&,3+#&,#/2&,Plus@@@Partition[#,2,1,{1,1},#]&});

He gave an example using some built-in functions and structured the functions and arguments in matrices.By enclosing the assignments in parentheses he showed them as matrices without inadvertently making the assignment to the MatrixForm-formatted List.



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